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We are re-developing our service industry based software, aparsX which will be ready for testing and trialling soon. aparsX (our Appliance Parts And Repair System version 10) is a Microsoft Azure Cloud based system for the appliance repair industry. It can be used by anyone, from a single independent Appliance Service Technician and small service companies to multi-location franchises or manufacturers. 

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All data is stored securely on servers in Australia and is securely encrypted using the latest encryption technology. Each customer's data is separated from other customers' data in separate virtual databases and is protected using the latest security technology.

Remember APARS. the MSDOS based Automotive Parts and Repair System for European cars. that turned into APWIN (APARS for Windows) that then became freeware? Yes. We do have a separate unique version of aparsX  for the Automotive industry. Contact us to learn more.