Tom started programming in COBOL in 1973 and worked with COBOL until 1992 and then for 6 months during 2006. He's programmed on Honeywell H200, IBM System 360s and 370s, Series 8000 and Burroughs A series as well as with Microfocus COBOL on Burroughs B20s and PCs. Tom wrote a full Payroll system for the Royal District Nursing Service in Melbourne and an ERP system for one of Australia's largest importers and distributors of automotive spare parts, all in COBOL.

Tom's experience includes DOS/360, OS/VS, MVS and VM/370 as well as COBOL in a PC environment. Tom has worked with DL/I, IMS and DB2 databases as well as modern databases including Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL and Firebird relational databases.

Although Tom has been working with the .NET framework using C#, Visual Basic and Visual Studio (including NET CORE) he is available for medium or short term COBOL contracts.