Legacy Paradox Support


For many years, Paradox was the pre-eminent Database software worldwide. Many important line-of-business applications were written in Paradox. Today, Paradox still has a small but strong and loyal following and best of all, Paradox applications can run under modern Microsoft Windows versions, including Windows 10.

Our founder (Tom) has been involved with Paradox since 1995 and has written a few large Paradox applications himself. He's also recently converted a number of Paradox applications to interface with Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL databases.In fact, he's considered a Paradox "expert" on the Paradox users group and continues to answer questions and provide advice.

So if you have a Paradox application that's causing a few problems, or needs rejuvenation, or needs to be moved to Windows 10, and you don't want to go to the expense of re-writing your application on another platform, contact Tom.

On the other hand, if you DO want to move your old Paradox application to a new platform, talk to Tom. Tom has done that too, moving a large application from Paradox to .NET, SQL Server and the "Cloud".

So no matter what your Paradox support needs are, contact us and have a chat to Tom.