Website Hosting & Domain Names

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On the Internet, your domain name is your Brand. Your Brand identifies your business. So you need to ensure you have a meaningful domain name and a hosting provider that understands your needs and can provide first class backup and support, with a large traffic bandwidth and superfast connections to the Internet so your visitors can enjoy visiting your site. You also need to make sure your hosting provider is in Australia, because most of your website visitors will also be based in Australia or be visiting Australia so they don't have to wait for congested undersea cables connecting Australia to the rest of the world.

Domain Names

Your domain name is your Internet address. When you register your domain with a registrar, and point that domain at a published website, one of the many domain name servers will recognise your domain name that someone entered in their browser and pass that enquiry to your web server. You can register an Australian (, or domain name, or you can register general (.com) domain names. The difference is that the .au names are controlled by an Australian registrar and you need to be an Australian business (with an ABN) or a registered Charity or Organisation, to get one. Anyone can register a .com name. For this reason, .au domains (and their websites) are considered more trustworthy. We recommend getting an .au domain name for your business.

Some Internet providers will charge you up to $86 per year for an Australian domain name. Don't fall for it. Australian domains can be purchased for $26 for 2 years. We'll help you get one and register it with an Australian based registrar.

Hosting Plans

 If you haven't yet arranged a host for your website, you need to be aware of a few do's and dont's.

Do ensure your hosting company

  • has been around for a few years and is likely to be around for a few more years (at least until you retire).
  • will host your website in Australia on Australian servers.
  • provides email addresses for your domain name (unlimited is good)
  • provides a mail server you can use to send email
  • provides facilities so you can easily log in to your account and maintain your website
  • provides an upgrade path, so you can switch hosting plans from one month to the next
  • provides the traffic allowance and server space for your needs
  • monitors security trends and has installed the latest security software
  • doesn't lock you into a contract, so you can change your mind if you want to.


  • sign up for a domain name with someone who charges you $86 and won't let you transfer to another registrar.
  • use a website host who's not located in Australia.
  • sign up for a cheap, $2 a month plan that gives you nothing and where you need to pay for extras.
  • sign up to a cheap plan, full stop. Cheap plans mean lax security. You don't want your website hit with attacks and give miscreants access to your customer's private data.

We use Digital Pacific. It's an Australian hosting company with servers located in Sydney. It's been around for years and we've never had so much as a minute's down time in 8 years.

So if you don't have a domain name, or a Web Server, let us arrange them for you. We'll register your Domain Name with Digital Pacific and arrange a year's website hosting for $100.00 (does not include domain name regsitration fees and/or hosting plan costs).